Lasik Recovery

The Lasik recovery period is in most cases quite short. The fact that most people recover quickly from this type of surgery is actually one of its best selling points. Most people can’t afford to take too much time off from work and recover from an optional procedure, so the fact that the Lasik recovery period is so short allows them to get on with their lives almost immediately. The surgery’s innovative techniques and the doctors’ advanced technology both contribute to this short recovery period.

Not only is the Lasik recovery period quite tolerable, but the surgery itself is also short in duration. In most cases, the time it takes to complete the procedure usually falls around the 8 to 10 minute mark. The majority of Lasik procedures use lasers to burn some parts of the tissue; so since there is no cutting, the Lasik recovery time is substantially reduced. There are few injuries to heal since a scalpel is not used, so you can continue your life after a very short period of recovery.

The recovery time needed after Lasik eye surgeries is usually somewhere around 2 days. You might need a shield for the eye in order to keep it protected from infection. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes, though they might itch as a result of the procedure. The side effects of Lasik can also include seeing a “halo” around lights or in darkness, and patients may suffer from dry eyes as well.

Once the surgery is finished, some minor complications may appear. Irregular astigmatism and seeing “halos” or “ghosts” are uncommon, and these issues usually disappear within the next six months. In order to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly, you may wish to take a few precautionary steps. You should try to avoid rubbing your eyes for about a week, and when you shower you not to let your eyes be touched by the water. In general, try to avoid getting anything in your eyes that might irritate them.